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Logs Sportswear wants to become your only source for casual wear, outdoor gear and promotional items. We are committed to providing unsurpassed quality and service with honesty and integrity.

Our name looks like the word logo, as in “corporate logo” and it truly does fit with the nature of our business. We help you reproduce your logo on unique garments and promo items. However, the pronunciation is driven by the two little dots above the “o” which create the “aw” sound (as in moss).

Definition of Logs:

Logos (lo gss) n. 1: From the Greek logos meaning “word.” 2: The word of God. 3: Of speech, a word uttered by a living voice. 4: The Bible denotes Christ as the essential Word of God, for the procurement of mans salvation, put on human nature in the person of Jesus. (John 1:14). Also see: Word.

When you call, please feel free to ask us about our name and we will be happy to explain its significance in our lives!