Jeff Johnson Restoration & Designs

5300 Atlantic Ave
Ste 104
Raleigh, NC 27609-1123


Jeff Johnson Restorations & Designs is a full service furniture repair and restoration vendor to the transit and insurance industries as well as select individuals.
We have been a Gold star provider to most of the national van lines for the past 15 years and have been selected as being in the top 5% of repair and transit inspection firms in the world.
We are located in Raleigh, NC and service Central North Carolina. 24-hour customer contact is our standard. Most claims are contacted, scheduled, and closed within 10 days from receipt of the claim.
We combine traditional repair and refinishing techniques with the most current technologies available to expedite your claim and keep your shippers and our customers satisfied. All inspection reports are typed and include digital photographs and detailed descriptions. Same day shipper contact 99% of the time. Repair expertise includes furniture, antiques, art, sculpture, Porcelain and ceramics including LLadro and Hummel.

Simply fax or e-mail your claim to us and we will e-mail you confirmation and begin processing your inspection and repair requests ASAP.


Jeff had done very good and generous work on our broken drawer. He was thoughtful of the cost, easy to work with, and an obvious craftsman who likes what he does.


Jeff repaired our broken drawer at a very thoughtful and reasonable price, while also doing a great job.