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The AMSA, as a matter of policy, does not endorse any product, service or company. And while all of our AMSA supplier members have agreed to meet our standards, membership does not represent a guarantee by AMSA of their performance or the quality of service provided.

American Auctioneers LLC American Auctioneers LLC
Dan & Laura Dotson Celebrity Auctioneers A&E's Storage Wars conduct auctions for the Moving & Storage Industry since 1985 We are the most proven & trusted, we market our sales like no one else can. Call today, Let us catapult your auctions to star success
New Haven Moving Equipment New Haven Moving Equipment
Welcome to the New Haven Companies, a strong, nationwide network of people, products and services. We manufacture, sell and rent products designed to help you move, relocate, and store with confidence.
Roll-A-Lift is the practical way of moving bulky hard to handle loads. Use it to ...
Integrity Furniture Repair
Integrity Furniture Repair If your furniture has been damaged and you’d like to have it ...
The PB50’s proven, rugged design...unsurpassed stability...high-visibility, center seating...and exceptional power on the job site make ...
HOMETEC commercial  Crating
Some players in the relocation industry just get it; They have the unique ability to ...
Whatever you need to lift, we have the machines to meet your requirements, no matter ...
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